Pacific Cycles Targets Elderly

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Pacific Cycles debuted at last week’s Eurobike in Hall B1. It’s part of the company strategy to focusing more on Europe. And the time is right for that as the average age of the population is on the rise in almost all EU countries. In particular as Pacific Cycles targets elderly.
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Bafang Opens Production Facility in Poland

WROCLOW, Poland – Earlier today President and CEO Qinghua Wang of Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. officially opened the company’s new production facility based in Wroclow, Poland. At the opening ceremony he said that the new factory will improve the company’s service level in Europe; in particular as eventually Bafang plans to produce 600,000 e-bike (mid) motors here.
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Costly InTube Systems Dominate E-Bike Offering at Eurobike

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – 1.3 million euro costs the license for an InTube battery system, according to sources. At least that’s said about the one Bosch is selling for its frame-integrated batteries that come with its drive-units and other components. This license derives from the InTube battery patent that is now owned jointly by Accell and Bosch. It presents the leading drive systems maker the right to exclusively sell the license. This and other patented InTube systems are dominating the e-bike offering at the 28th Eurobike that started yesterday.
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E-Bike Sales Skyrockets Across Europe

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – The hot and rain-free super summer of 2018 made e-bike sales skyrocket across Europe. Here’s an overview of what happened in most markets. Starting in the North shows that the markets of Sweden, Denmark and Finland are growing to maturity. Sweden even ranks now among the largest e-bike markets of Europe.
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Eurobike Features Special Cargo Bike Area with 32 Specialist Suppliers

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Sales figures for cargo bikes are soaring. And in particular for models where an electric motor is propelling the bike, rider as well as load. At the upcoming 4 – 7 September Eurobike trade show almost all relevant companies will be presenting their newest MY 2020 payload solutions. The Eurobike Academy program also reflects the trend theme.
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Revonte Launches Automatic and Stepless Transmission For E-Bikes

TAMPERE, Finland – Start-up Revonte integrated fully automatic and stepless transmission in its e-bike drive system, the Revonte One. The Finnish start-up was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing and manufacturing a drive system with an integrated continuously variable automatic drive.
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Tern Launches ‘Mini But Mighty’ HSD

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – In hall B4 at stand 403 Micromobility specialist Tern will be unveiling the HSD, an urban e-bike that is mini but mighty. “Many e-bikes on the market look like standard bikes with motor systems and batteries wedged in,” states Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain.
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Flyer Presents Upstreet5 with Panasonic Ultimate

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – In hall A6 on stand 102 as well as at the open ground east at stand FG-0/204 where they are available for test rides, Flyer presents an extensive range of updated models. The popular Upstreet5, for example, will be available from 2020 with the Panasonic GX Ultimate motor, known from the Flyer MTBs.
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World’s First Hydrogen Bike Gets Fifty Percent Range Boost

SHEFFIELD, UK – European hydrogen fuel cell specialists, Pragma Industries, has successfully increased the maximum range of its pioneering hydrogen fuel cell Alpha bike by fifty percent. This could be accomplished by using an advanced, high-pressure gas cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders.
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GreenPack Starts Production of Battery Sharing System for LEVs

BERLIN, Germany – At the beginning of August, Berlin-based start-up GreenPack Mobile Energy Solutions GmbH started series production of its innovative battery exchange stations for light electric vehicles (LEVs). These intelligent “Swobbee Sharing Points” will be assembled at GreenPack’s headquarters in the German capital on a specially constructed assembly line. GreenPack will present their battery sharing stations at Eurobike at stand A1-700.
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Gates Expands E-Bike Range and Pushes into E-Scooter Market

DENVER, USA – Twelve years after launching Gates Carbon Drive for the bicycle market, Gates is building upon its success unchaining bikes to bring advanced drivetrain solutions to electric motorcycles or e-scooters and the wider marketplace of light electric vehicles (LEVs).
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DNM Suspension for e-MTBs

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At Eurobike booth A3-320 DNM Suspension Technology will be presenting a range of new components suited for e-MTBs; from rear shocks, suspension forks to dropper posts.
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Kenda Presents E-MTB Tyre Series

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At Eurobike booth B1-405 Kenda presents its new e-MTB tyre series which includes the top of the line Regolith Pro. This is an all-new, all condition electric mountain bike tyre developed to set the benchmark in offroad versatility. Light weight, it rolls fast while providing excellent cornering and braking traction on wet. Recent tests by magazines underline these claims made by Kenda.
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Specialized Develops E-Racer Drive System

MORGAN HILL, USA – At just 12.2 kilogram, Specialized’s new Turbo Creo SL e-racer is much lighter than other e-bike with bottom-bracket based motors. Instead of using an existing system designed for urban riding or mountain biking, Specialized have built a system from the ground up specifically for road riding. According to Specialized, “the new SL 1.1 motor provides a consistent power and smooth assistance giving the rider a natural feel when pedalling.”
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