Will New Hi-Tech Steel Grade Revolutionize Frame Production in Europe?

DUISBURG, Germany – Is there a solution for the major problem that the rocketing e-bike sales in Europe is facing? That problem is in the limited availability of aluminum frames. Production in Europe has to increase; and fast. But starting (robotized) production of alloy frames is complicated. Steel is much easier to process. However, there’s no going back to chromoly tubing. Is a new highly durable steel grade with higher strength and stiffness than aluminum with the forming capabilities of carbon offering the solution?
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Market Report Belgium: E-Bikes Keep Growing

KORTRIJK, Belgium – That the Belgian people embraced e-bikes has already been established as a fact by recent market studies carried out by ‘Velofollies’, the country’s biggest bicycle show. But that sales could grow even further to make up more than half of the bike sales of the country, had not been determined before. This is discovered by the 2018 market figures for Belgium.
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Dutch Bike Market Turning Exclusively Electric

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – First half year results for the Dutch market indicate that again electric bike sales is showing huge growth. It contrasts sharply with the sale of regular bicycles, which is sinking further and further. This mounting divergence even raises the question whether there will still be room for regular bicycles in the near future, or whether the Dutch market as a whole will switch to electric? And is this an indication on what’s to happen in more markets?
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New TranzX M17 Mid-Motor To Be Made in Taiwan

CHANG HUA, Taiwan – TranzX is changing its production locations as a result of the e-bike anti-dumping duties that came into force at the beginning of this year. It is not switching its entire production from Dongguan and Shenzhen in China to Taiwan. But the company’s newest TranzX drive system – the M17 – will be made in Taiwan. Is this a sign of more to come?
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Yamaha To Set New Benchmark for Hi-End E-MTBs with PW-X2 Drive

IWATA, Japan – The company has made a new for itself in motocross and even points to its DNA coming from motorsports. With that background Yamaha is now claiming to have set a new benchmark for hi-end e-MTBs with its new top mid-motor PW-X2. For MY 2020 there’s more news coming from Yamaha like with the PW-ST for sporty trekking bikes as well as with Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode technologies.
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Study on Electric Scooter Sharing Market in US and Europe 2019-2024

BANGALORE, India – Market researcher Mobility Foresight is offering a market report on the “E-Scooter Sharing Market in the US and Europe 2019 – 2024.” The report is about “Size, forecasts, risks and opportunities till 2024.” It provides a picture of a capital-intensive market with fast-growing competition as well as a rapidly increasing chance of restrictions imposed by governments.
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Bicycle Industry Visits Google’s European Headquarters

DUBLIN, Ireland – Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) visited Google’s European Headquarters last week to start a search for connected cycling solutions. “We see this visit as the start of a programme to support businesses that have products or innovations in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector including connected cycling tech, data tools, Apps, digital services or artificial intelligence solutions for cycling,” said CIE Chief Executive Kevin Mayne.
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Regulations Trigger Massive Production Relocation to Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – The bicycle industry in the South East Asian nation Cambodia is on the brink of a major hike in production volumes. Preparations have been taking place for a while, but might get a push depending on the outcome of the G20 meeting later this week in Japan.
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Italy’s E-Bike Sales Make Big Step Forward

MILAN, Italy – In line with the 2018 market statistics in other EU countries, also the Confindustria ANCMA, Italy’s National Association of Cycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Industry reported a double digit sales hike in e-bikes. Also the production of e-bikes increased substantially.
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Advanced Thin-Walled Dry-Tech Plastic Bearings Moving into Bikes

COLOGNE, Germany – The company is named igus and contrary to how it wants its name to be printed it is by no means a small company. Igus stems from Cologne, Germany and is a leader in bearings (made from metal to plastic) employing 3,500 people and operating in 97 countries including Taiwan. At last March Taipei Cycle Show the company displayed a range of solutions for the bicycle industry which are currently in use by various manufacturers.
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COMP Drives  Presents E-Road Motor System

LETOHRAD, Czech Republic – The company that is producing gear sensors for e-bike systems (www.gearsensor.com) stepped two years ago into the offering of complete drive systems with the C17 and C18 drive units. Agentura Repro is still manufacturing the gearsensor and set up a new company called COMP drives s.r.o. for the production of the drive system.
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Swiss E-Mountainbike Sales Doubled

BERN, Switzerland – The Swiss e-bike sales broke a new record in 2018. As expected, the e-bike sales volume passed the threshold of 100,000 units. With a total of 111,000 units, almost every third bicycle sold in Switzerland was electrified. In e-bike market share, this puts Switzerland in third place after the Netherlands (40%) and Austria (33%).
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Halfords UK Expects Huge Increase in E-Bike Sales

REDDITCH, UK – Based on company data, population, car registration figures and the latest market statistics, Halfords UK expects that some 1.5 million e-bikes will be sold by 2050 in Great Britain. This outlook was published in a blog last week by Halfords.
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