New Alloy Frame 3D Printing Technology Arrives in Cooperation with VW Slovakia

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia – It’s about 3D printed bike frames, but not in carbon. Aluminium frames made by using the so-called “Direct Metal Laser Sintering” (DMLS) technology is the name of this all new technology. It’s launched by the recently founded Kinazo Design sro in cooperation with Volkswagen Slovakia, owner of the 3D printer Concept Laser X Line 2000R from German Concept Laser GmbH.
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Atala is Accell’s Launching Brand for Groundbreaking Carbon Frame Production Technology

MILAN, Italy – The first production ready carbon frame made by printing in one piece was launched yesterday by Atala in Italy. Accell Group, who owns 50 percent of Atala’s shares, selected this Italian company to launch this groundbreaking production technology.
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UK E-bike Independent Pioneers Adapt to Survive

LEICESTER, UK – Early in 2019 a pioneer of the UK e-bike industry, retailer 50 Cycles, closed their doors, blaming a previous string of motor failures. 50cycles Limited has regrouped as 50cycles Distribution Limited to continue with BH distributorship.
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Shimano Downgrades Importance of China as Production Base

OSAKA, Japan – Shimano Inc expects to generate extraordinary income this year with the return of land belonging to one of its Chinese (Kunshan and Tianjin) plants. This striking statement makes the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle parts in its financial overview of the results achieved during the first nine months of the year. That Shimano is downgrading the importance of its operations in China is undoubtedly prompted by EU’s anti-dumping measures for both e-bikes and regular bicycles as well as the Trump Tariffs.
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Startup To Revolutionize Carbon Frame and Parts Manufacturing (video)

MUNICH, Germany – Viewing the video of the company’s production process of a carbon bike frame reminds of all those women’s hands that stick together layer by layer of carbon sheets. Except that now these women’s hands are replaced by a robot that produces a unibody (monocoque) bicycle frame without any glued parts by printing it in one piece. This is to revolutionize carbon frame and parts making, as Arevo Inc sees it.
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E-Bike Craze Continues Unabated in Holland

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – Is it the weather, or the economy, or just the plain truth that e-bikes are like iPhone: everybody wants one? Fact is that after the January to September selling-season for bicycles the results show that interest – and with that sales – of e-bikes remained unrelentless huge. In Holland that is; the country where the e-bike craze started and where electric bicycles have taken over the bike market (almost) completely.
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Bosch Poised for Leap in E-Mobility Technology

REUTLINGEN, Germany – Of course it’s focused on electric cars, but undoubtedly the company’s fast-growing e-bike business will also benefit from the newest technology it is introducing. It’s about microchips made of silicon carbide (SiC) that Bosch has developed. The company claims that it brings “A great leap forward in e-mobility as compared to traditional silicon chips. This new extraordinary material will set the pace in power electronics.”
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Apple’s Main Battery Supplier Turns to E-Bikes

HUKOU, Taiwan – At this year’s Eurobike one of the big names for batteries presented itself. The multi-billion Simplo Tech Group (SMP), headquartered in Taiwan, debuted at the Friedrichshafen show. This battery maker, which is the main supplier for Apple computers, notebooks, tablets and i-phones, presented itself through one of its subsidiaries; Trend Energy Technology Co. Ltd.
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Revolution in E-Bike Torque Sensor Technology Arriving?

UNTERENSINGEN, Germany – The company is a leading international supplier of high-quality sensors and monitoring instruments for ships, trains, large engines, water treatment and gas density monitoring. At last month Eurobike this company – Trafag GmbH – presented itself for the first time and gauged the interest in its Magnetic Sense sensor technology. A technology that at first glance can mean a revolution for what is now widely used within electric bicycles.
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German Industry Association Explains Oddity in Data on Country’s E-Bike Sales

BAD SODEN, Germany – Was it due to the coming into force of the anti-dumping tariffs on the import of e-bikes from China mid-January 2019, that supply shortages are hampering e-bike sales in Germany? At least, that was our conclusion after seeing the latest data of Germany’s industry association, ZIV. Bike Europe deduced that it showed an oddity in the sales forecast for the whole of 2019. The German association explains now what’s happening on Europe’s biggest e-bike market.
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Interest in Electric Bicycles Remains Enormous in EU’s biggest E-Bike Market

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – In fact, it would be logical to see the first signs of saturation in the Netherlands, which has been Europe’s (relatively speaking) fastest growing and largest e-bike market for years. However, this is not the case, as the sales data of more than 300 dealers covering the first eight months of 2019 shows. Turnover-wise their sales of city e-bikes grew by close to 36 percent during the named period.
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Are Supply Shortages Hitting on Europe’s Biggest E-Bike Market?

BAD SODEN, Germany – With the coming into force of the anti-dumping tariffs on the import of e-bikes from China mid-January 2019, that import has fallen to a negligible number. Of course, other countries have jumped into this gap, like Taiwan. But this cannot fill the supply gap that comes with the greatly reduced supply from China. The consequences of this now become apparent from the latest data of Germany’s industry association. It raises the question if supply shortages are hitting on Europe’s biggest e-bike market.
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Eurostat Import Figures Confirm: China Effectively Banned from EU’s E-Bike Market

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Eurostat import figures for the first half of 2019 clearly point out the effectiveness of the by mid-January 2019 instigated anti-dumping measures on e-bikes imported from China. They prove that the People’s Republic is now more or less banned from the e-bike market of the EU. What rose to a total import of some 800,000 e-bikes in (whole year) 2018, is just a little left over during the first half of this year.
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