Eurobike Features Special Cargo Bike Area with 32 Specialist Suppliers

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Sales figures for cargo bikes are soaring. And in particular for models where an electric motor is propelling the bike, rider as well as load. At the upcoming 4 – 7 September Eurobike trade show almost all relevant companies will be presenting their newest MY 2020 payload solutions. The Eurobike Academy program also reflects the trend theme.
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World’s First Hydrogen Bike Gets Fifty Percent Range Boost

SHEFFIELD, UK – European hydrogen fuel cell specialists, Pragma Industries, has successfully increased the maximum range of its pioneering hydrogen fuel cell Alpha bike by fifty percent. This could be accomplished by using an advanced, high-pressure gas cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders.
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E-Bikes Now Also Turning Spain’s Bike Market Around

MADRID, Spain – It took some more time as in other European countries, but electric bikes are now also making their mark on the bicycle market in Spain. In 2018 this market saw a volume drop of 6.2 percent to 1,047,492 units. However, value-wise sales upped 5.5 percent thanks to, what the country’s industry association AMBE, calls the ‘e-bike effect’.
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Dutch Bike Market Turning Exclusively Electric

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – First half year results for the Dutch market indicate that again electric bike sales is showing huge growth. It contrasts sharply with the sale of regular bicycles, which is sinking further and further. This mounting divergence even raises the question whether there will still be room for regular bicycles in the near future, or whether the Dutch market as a whole will switch to electric? And is this an indication on what’s to happen in more markets?
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Blubrake Integrates ABS Into Bike Frame

BERGAMO, Italy – Bluebrake introduces an invisible anti-lock braking system (ABS) which is fully integrated into a bike frame. “ABS is essential for the safety of light electric mobility vehicles,” said blubrake GM Fabio Todeschini. “We are certain it will become the benchmark for e-bike brands.”
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Austria’s (Electric) Bike Sales Reaches Record Highs

VIENNA, Austria – 2018 wasn’t only a good year for bicycles in Germany, but also in neighboring Austria. The main trend here is the same as in many other European countries: e-bikes, e-bikes and e-bikes. Growing to a 33 percent market share (2017: 29 percent), Austria is now one of the biggest EU e-bike markets; in fact, the third largest (behind Belgium and the Netherlands and before Switzerland and Germany).
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Public Bike Provider Nextbike Steps up Pace by Electrifying its Fleet

SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – Public bike sharing systems around Europe as well as in other parts of the world are increasingly being electrified. Also nextbike, the German bike sharing system provider that claims to be leading in Europe, is adding more and more electric bicycles to its fleets that are operating in some 60 German cities as well as in 27 other countries and 150 cities worldwide like Dubai, Berlin, Pittsburgh and Warsaw.
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Biggest Bike Retail Chain in U.S. Closes its Stores

PHILADELPHIA, USA – Performance Bicycle, once the biggest bike retail chain in the U.S. with 104 stores and 1,700 employees, is closing all its outlets. The company is to continue as an e-commerce business. It’s the latest development in the collapse of Patrick Cunnane’s Advanced Sports Enterprises (ASE).
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Taiwan’s Bike Export Is Back on Growth Track

TAIPEI, Taiwan – After years of decline Taiwan’s export of bicycles, e-bikes as well as parts and accessories is growing again. And that growth is even counted in double digit percentages for exported units as well as the total value of that export. This is indicated by the 2018 export figures released by the Taiwan Ministry of Finance ahead of the Taipei International Cycle Show 2019.
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2019 Starts Well in terms of Electric Bike Sales

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – First indications show that the sale of e-bikes started well this year. At least, this is reported for the Netherlands by dealer cooperative Dynamo Retail Group. What in particular stands out in its report is that, despite already high sales, there’s no sign whatsoever on saturation of the Dutch e-bike market.
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La Società Gestione Campeggi punta sul turismo bike

La Società Gestione Campeggi punta sul turismo bike
Il nuovo leit motiv della stagione turistica 2015 per le strutture della società ravennate – in particolare per due dei quattro villaggi turistici gestiti, ovvero il Camping Parco Vacanze Rivaverde di Marina di Ravenna e il Villaggio del Sole di Marina …


La Wellness Valley incontra gli operatori del turismo romagnolo
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Turismo a Napoli, De Magistris esulta su Fb: «In 3 anni numeri
I dati sui flussi turistici per Napoli sono entusiasmanti – ha scritto il sindaco -. Siamo passati da una percentuale di occupazione camere nel 2010 del 35% a quasi il 66% del 2013 (dati ufficiali Ente Provinciale Turismo) praticamente raddoppiando le …
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Materie seconda prova maturità 2015: Tecnico per il Turismo
MATERIE SECONDA PROVA MATURITA' 2015: ISTITUTO TECNICO PER IL TURISMO. Gennaio sta finendo e tutti i riflettori sono puntati sulle materie della seconda prova che il Miur sceglierà per la Maturità 2015. Quali saranno? L'annuncio ufficiale …