Taiwan Companies Returning From China to Home Base

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Bicycle component manufacturer Glory Wheel Ent. and bicycle production machinery manufacturer Shuz Tung are two examples out of the bicycle industry of the total of 151 companies from a wide variety of sectors that applied for support at the Taiwan government to return their production from China.
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Shimano Downgrades Importance of China as Production Base

OSAKA, Japan – Shimano Inc expects to generate extraordinary income this year with the return of land belonging to one of its Chinese (Kunshan and Tianjin) plants. This striking statement makes the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle parts in its financial overview of the results achieved during the first nine months of the year. That Shimano is downgrading the importance of its operations in China is undoubtedly prompted by EU’s anti-dumping measures for both e-bikes and regular bicycles as well as the Trump Tariffs.
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Eurostat Import Figures Confirm: China Effectively Banned from EU’s E-Bike Market

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Eurostat import figures for the first half of 2019 clearly point out the effectiveness of the by mid-January 2019 instigated anti-dumping measures on e-bikes imported from China. They prove that the People’s Republic is now more or less banned from the e-bike market of the EU. What rose to a total import of some 800,000 e-bikes in (whole year) 2018, is just a little left over during the first half of this year.
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China Is Taking Over Japan’s E-Bike Market

TOKYO, Japan – Last year’s Market Report Japan reported on the already for years ongoing drops in sales of regular bicycles. The only good news was the Made in Japan e-bikes as their 2017 sales increased in numbers as well as in value. Viewing the now available January to September 2018 statistics on production and imports of bicycles and e-bikes, it shows that Japan made e-bikes are faced with rising competition out of China.
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