Market Report Belgium: E-Bikes Keep Growing

KORTRIJK, Belgium – That the Belgian people embraced e-bikes has already been established as a fact by recent market studies carried out by ‘Velofollies’, the country’s biggest bicycle show. But that sales could grow even further to make up more than half of the bike sales of the country, had not been determined before. This is discovered by the 2018 market figures for Belgium.
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Dutch Bike Market Turning Exclusively Electric

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – First half year results for the Dutch market indicate that again electric bike sales is showing huge growth. It contrasts sharply with the sale of regular bicycles, which is sinking further and further. This mounting divergence even raises the question whether there will still be room for regular bicycles in the near future, or whether the Dutch market as a whole will switch to electric? And is this an indication on what’s to happen in more markets?
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Study on Electric Scooter Sharing Market in US and Europe 2019-2024

BANGALORE, India – Market researcher Mobility Foresight is offering a market report on the “E-Scooter Sharing Market in the US and Europe 2019 – 2024.” The report is about “Size, forecasts, risks and opportunities till 2024.” It provides a picture of a capital-intensive market with fast-growing competition as well as a rapidly increasing chance of restrictions imposed by governments.
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2nd Electronics Powerhouse from Taiwan Enters E-Bike Market

TAIPEI, Taiwan – After Darfon Electronics Corp. entered the e-bike market in 2015, now another computer giant from Taiwan is making its appearance. And this one is even much bigger compared to Darfon. It’s a multi-billion computer laptop, tablet etcetera maker based in Taiwan which is now stepping into the electric bicycle market through one of its subsidiaries.
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McKinsey: Will MicroMobility Market Boom or Bust?

FRANKFURT, Germany – Is the buzz surrounding shared micromobility overwhelming its real-world potential? The business model has gained tremendous attention recently, as interest builds and new investment dollars flood into the space. But questions concerning the ultimate size and scope of the shared micromobility market have also emerged. The global management consulting firm McKinsey&Company made a thorough assessment of its potential.
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China Is Taking Over Japan’s E-Bike Market

TOKYO, Japan – Last year’s Market Report Japan reported on the already for years ongoing drops in sales of regular bicycles. The only good news was the Made in Japan e-bikes as their 2017 sales increased in numbers as well as in value. Viewing the now available January to September 2018 statistics on production and imports of bicycles and e-bikes, it shows that Japan made e-bikes are faced with rising competition out of China.
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Star informa: Advertising MediaEstonian media advertising market grew in 2014 by nearly 5%

Advertising media

Estonian media advertising market grew in 2014 by nearly 5%
However, Emor assessed these volumes too and reached a conclusion that while in 2013, Google and Facebook received from larger media and social media agencies approximately 1.48 million euros, then in 2014 the sum was at least 3.32 million euros, …
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Spotify Moves US Media Account to 360i
"We're not a brand that plays in traditional media," Spotify's VP-creative and brand strategy Jackie Jantos said last April regarding a video ad campaign it promoted with digital buys. "That's not where we interact best with our audience." While …